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Welcome friends of Katelyn James! Ready to get traffic-generating Pinterest Marketing Strategies for your
creative small business?

Are you daydreaming about using Pinterest?

You're a hard-working creative, knee deep in your unique work, juggling multiple clients, managing your inbox (will you EVER reach inbox zero?) and, fingers crossed, hoping your latest blog post will be read by more people than just your mom.

Are you feeling confused about using Pinterest strategically? Your current strategy of ‘throwing pins at the wall and hoping they stick’ isn’t working.

Are you convinced your ideal clients are searching on Pinterest, but you aren’t quite sure how to get noticed and get clicks to your website? How did your business bestie go viral with that one pin?

Are you feeling stuck with your current marketing efforts that demand so much of your daily attention? You want more results, to work less and rest more.

What if you could...

Generate more client leads (without having to pay for expensive ads), grow your email list (and launch to an audience in love with your work), and finally get traction on all of your blog and content marketing efforts without having to constantly show up online every day (your gym misses you)?

Marketing is expensive—both in dollars and time. What if you knew exactly what to do when you hit publish on a new blog post with an automated workflow using Pinterest? What if you could grow your business with a solid organic strategy, broadening your marketing efforts on the content you are already creating, in less time with more results? What if you could feel less overwhelmed and make more progress toward marketing your creative business?


Pin Progress

Learn actionable and digestible Pinterest marketing strategies to connect with your ideal audience. Finally have confidence with Pinterest marketing that generates leads and inquiries, multiplying your traffic exponentially, with a sustainable automated strategy.

In this course, YOu'll Get Over 48+ Videos, and Learn:

including some bonus resources

Blog Post Guide

Never again say, "I don't know what to write about." I'm sharing over 100 blog post ideas for wedding professionals, lifestyle photographers, and educators for an editorial calendar full of blog posts your audience will love.

Industry Specific Board Guide

Stuck on board ideas for your Pinterest profile? I've created a spreadsheet full of board ideas and categories for wedding photographers and professionals, brand designers, educators, home decor and lifestyle brands.

Canva Pinterest Templates

Not a Photoshop or Photography pro? Get my Pinterest-optimized Canva templates that you can use over and over for your Pinterest graphics for your inspiring content. You'll also get access to our exclusive Pin Progress Tailwind Tribe!

Custom Google Analytics Dashboard

Have you ever wondered what happens when a pinner lands on your website? This custom dashboard will give you insight into your top traffic ranking blog posts, leading pin graphics, and highest conversion pins to your contact page or email opt-in.

Trello Keyword Guide

This Trello board template will serve as a hub for your core keywords, Pinterest boards, pin descriptions and more! I even include a Pinterest annual planner so that you can keep your account active and take advantage of seasonal trends on Pinterest.

Bonus Video Modules

I'm sharing bonus tutorial modules on how to use video pins on Pinterest, how to get more traffic to your Instagram and YouTube channels using Tailwind, and e-commerce marketing strategies for Pinterest.


Get more traction on your creative business using Pinterest on auto-pilot using Pinterest.

This Course is for you if...

This is not for you if...

“I took a coaching session with Vanessa last year and since then, my Pinterest has exploded. I implemented as much as I could from all the ideas she gave me and grew my Pinterest referral traffic by 784% in one year (from 1,152 sessions to 10,188!).  Also, I’m at 929.5k monthly viewers on Pinterest, which I find amazing.

As far as revenue goes, last year I brought in over $16k from Pinterest conversions. It’s hard to say exactly because not everyone fills out the “how did you find us” part of our contact form correctly – sometimes they put “search engine” and then I find out it was Pinterest but I’d estimate it to be over $25k. ”

– Alexandra Peterson, Idalia Photography

rebecca rice photography

“I’ve also seen progress on my Pinterest! I went from 2k monthly viewers when I started and am now up to 44k monthly viewers growing by at least 2k every day now! And for the first time ever, Pinterest is actually generating traffic to my website!

Guys, this stuff WORKS!!

– Rebecca Rice, Rebecca Rice Photography

Hey There,

I’m Vanessa, a Pinterest marketing strategist and educator for creatives. If you’ve been daydreaming of using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, generating client leads and sales while you sleep, then I’m here to help!

I’m in the Pinterest trenches every single day (and with this course, I hope to see you there, too). I have been managing Pinterest marketing clients (some with over 10 million views!) for almost three years now, implementing the tried and true strategies and the latest features with both established and brand new accounts. 

I’m also a homeschooling mama to three small children (bring me all the coffee), and in the last year as a family, we have been living nomadically in different locations (our hands are full). I know how valuable time is. With the automation strategies I teach in this course using Tailwind together with Pinterest, you can confidently run your creative business with a robust Pinterest marketing strategy without babysitting the platform. You can invest in the things you love about your work, your family, and your life. 

Ready to take the leap with Pinterest?

Learn how to market your business on Pinterest and automate the whole process!

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is available now once you complete your purchase!

Anyone can benefit from the teachings in this course, but I do have a special emphasis for service-based businesses, educators, and wedding professionals and photographers. There are some modules specific to using Pinterest as an e-commerce shop too.

Of course! If you complete the modules and don’t see any results, you can request a refund within 30 days of enrollment. 

There are over 48+ videos and hours of content in this course. I’ve also included a workbook and checklists, as well as a Google Analytics Dashboard for Pinterest, Trello Keyword Bank and monthly planner, industry specific board guide, Canva Pinterest Templates, and a blog post guide with over 100+ blog post ideas for wedding professionals and photographers. 

This is a self-paced course and the modules will remain on the internet as long as it exists, with access to updates as Pinterest rolls out new features. 

I love questions! You’ll have access to our private Facebook group where you can ask me questions directly or get community feedback. When Pinterest introduces new features, I’ll provide teaching within the modules or Facebook group. I love my tribe and want to see you succeed!

Yes! I provide a lot of information on how to use Pinterest as a local based business to get discovered in search. 

Each video length varies, but I use screen sharing tutorials to show you how to complete each task so that you can take action on each step to optimize your content on Pinterest! 

“Vanessa has been a little magic weapon for me!  I have been working with her for over a year and half now and she has increased my Pinterest traffic by 3 times where it was last year! She has foresight as to where to focus your time with Pinterest images, hashtags, descriptions and all the things that seem mysterious- she gets it

– Brooke Christen, Nesting with Grace

“Vanessa’s Pinterest tutorials grew my viewers by over 40x in 30 days! My business account went from practically non-existent, to now consistently growing in a very short amount of time. 

And, the best part is, I barely touched it since following her tutorials for the initial set-up! I wish I had realized how doable this was sooner.”

– Kathryn Joachim, Creme Brands

Is this going to be the year you say 'Yes' to Pinterest?

Finally get confidence using Pinterest and know exactly what to do when you hit ‘publish’ on your website with time-saving workflows!